Long Term Time Lapse


We have a number of long term time lapse systems that can operate 100% autonomously almost anywhere in the world. Our cameras can film 24/7, they are constantly uploading images to our servers so we can monitor everything from our office. While we’ve worked on a range of projects, we work primarily with real estate developers who are building, selling, and/or renting luxury real estate.  We'll capture the construction, help generate marketing materials (prints, renderings, photography etc.) and showcase the completed property with a cinematic commercial. 


HD, 4k, and 8k Resolution

Need the best image quality? We got you covered. We can use almost any camera and lens combination so if you have a special request, don't hesitate to ask.

southis time slice 3.jpg

Post PROCESSED by Artists

Our post-production workflow includes a half dozen pieces of cutting edge software, our secret sauce of plugins, and various scripts written by our engineers. Many of these tools are unique to our team and help us deliver the best possible images to our clients.



3G and 4G Connectivity

Remote control, configuration, and live motoring so we always know the camera is working. We can also see real-time temperature and battery power for extra peace of mind.


Fully Solar Powered

No need to have AC power where you want to install a camera, we can use the power of the sun to keep the system up and running 24/7. Yay for green energy!


Secure Data Storage

With at least 3 different copies of your images, your data is always safe. After a photo is taken, it is automatically stored locally and uploaded to the cloud. A server in our office automatically downloads the new images from the cloud and stores them on our back-up hard drives. 




The system has been tested outside in the scorching heat of the desert and has survived frigged winters without a problem. The IP66 weather proof housing ensures the bad weather stays out.