Long Term Time Lapse


We have a number of long term time lapse systems that can operate 100% autonomously almost anywhere in the world. Our cameras can film 24/7, they are constantly uploading images to our servers so we can monitor everything from our office. While we’ve worked on a range of projects, we work primarily with real estate developers who are building, selling, and/or renting luxury real estate.  We'll capture the construction, help generate marketing materials (prints, renderings, photography etc.) and showcase the completed property with a cinematic commercial. 


HD, 4k, and 8k Resolution

Need the best image quality? We got you covered. Our time-lapse ecosystem works with pretty much any camera and lens combination. Want the latest and greatest image and sensor technology on your construction site? Not a problem

southis time slice 3.jpg

Artistic Post-Processing

After a camera has been on a site for a number of years, there are literally thousands upon thousands of photos that need to be organized and reviewed. While there are steps to automate this process, we know the best results come when you hand pick the best images to use for the final product. This process can take hours, sometimes even days, but we believe your project deserves that extra attention to detail.



3G and 4G Connectivity

Remote control, configuration, and live motoring so we always know the camera is working. The amateur approach to time-lapse is setting up a camera and hoping it will work for a few years, the modern approach is using a smart camera connected to the internet. Our cameras can literally text us with problems, they send us weekly updates summarizing how many photos they are capturing and every few minutes the cameras are sending updates to the office. We can even build you a custom website where you can view a gallery of all the latest images from your cameras. Now that’s modern day time-lapse for you!


Fully Solar Powered

No need to have AC power where you want to install a camera, we can use the power of the sun to keep the system up and running 24/7. As long as the solar panels gets a few hours of direct sunlight we can capture your entire project with a zero carbon footprint. Yay for green energy!


Secure & Automatic Data Storage

With at least 3 different copies of your images, your data is always safe. After a photo is taken, it is automatically stored locally to a hardrive inside the camera housing. Next the photo is uploaded to the cloud and a server in our office automatically downloads the new images from the cloud and stores them on our back-up hard drives. This entire process happens in less than 60seconds and will run on repeat for the entire time the camera is running.




The system has been tested outside in the scorching heat of the desert and has survived frigged winters without a problem. The IP66 weather proof housing ensures the bad weather stays out. While we recommend periodic site visits, we’ve found some cameras work like tanks for years on end and require minimal maintenance.