Stock Footage Library

Welcome to our online stock footage licensing platform! We decided to build our own online store so you can buy and instantly download any clip in our library. By purchasing a clip you will gain access to the highest quality version of that shot. Simple pricing, no middle man, and secure payment processing. Each clip is available for immediate download, along with a 1 year license. If you need a longer term or have more specific licensing needs feel free to contact us directly. 

All the footage in our library is available for download as soon payment is received.

NEw York City

Our largest library of footage, ranging in 4k-8k quality. Includes views from hard to access rooftops and balconies throughout the city. Includes time-lapse, aerial, and hyper-lapse footage.


Boston, our hometowm, has one of our largest collections of stock footage. From Inspire 2 aerial footage, to moco time-lapses, hyper-lapses, and drone-lapses, there is a little bit of everything in here. 


In late 2017 we flew to Rome for a to film a conference in the Vatican. Afterwards we traveled down to the Amalfi coast and the  surrounding area. Contains aerial and time-lapse content captured in 4k.


In January 2016 Alinia Media visited Switzerland, spending almost 3 weeks in a small town called Parpan. This Switzerland collection is a combination a drone in time-lapse footage in 4k.



A trip in 2017 with 929 Media, this collection includes aerial and time-lapse images from locations across the southern coast of Ireland. Captured in 4k

The Maze, UT

The Maze is one of the most inaccessible locations in the lower 48. I have visited this area twice, most recently in 2016 for a 10 day trip to the desert. I packed my time-lapse gear to capture the starry nights and unique rock formations.


Las Vegas, NV

Our trips to Vegas our more frequent than we'd like to admit. This library contains lots of hyperlapse footage from the strip as well as some of static time-lapse. All content 4k quality with a mixture of day and nightime footage.



In 2013 Alinia traveled to Iceland for three weeks to capture waterfalls, glaciers, lava flows and everything in between. This collection consists entirely of time-lapse footage in up to 4k quality.



A slightly smaller collection of time-lapses that were shot in 2013 on Maui and Oahu. Footage ranges from HD to 4k content with the majority of clips captured on mount Haleakala.